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Victim Impact

Victim Impact is an intense story based on the emotional schism between current research on appropriate sentencing for serious crime, and the bald reality that hits the gut when someone you love is murdered….
“It’s a haunting novel that explores the human condition closer to the bone than we might be comfortable with.
“A must read.”
(Don Graves, Hamilton Spectator)
“Karin had so much promise unfulfilled — as artist, mother, lover. Now she lay cold with a cold embryo inside her only because of criminal action. Because of crime committed in her own house where she had most right to expect shelter.”


victim impact


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In Ontario, the spouse of a murder victim may prepare a statement to be presented in court at the time sentence is passed and to be taken into consideration by the sentencing judge. Forms are available to aid in the preparation of these statements.

A. Grenville & William Davis Court

A. Grenville & William Davis Court House, Brampton, Ontario


“The enclosed guidelines said not all parts of the form had to be filled out and that indeed a Victim Impact Statement could be filed without using the form at all. Those needing more direction could attempt to answer a series of questions for each of the three headings. The first question pertaining to Emotional Loss was, ‘Has the crime affected your lifestyle?’ Ted doubted whether anyone that could think in such terms would need to fill out the forms at all. Lifestyle was for the un-impacted.”


“Given the volatility of the issue, it would be easy to grind an axe, but Bradshaw walks the edge of that big blade with an unflinching, intelligent, sympathetic and lively journey down the corridors of law and order. Who says the wheels of justice turn slowly?”

(Todd Kimberley, Calgary Herald)

At the 2009 Ontario Library Association Superconferstyle=

At the 2009 Ontario Library Association Superconference

Victim Impact

A crime novel by Mel Bradshaw

Paperback 254pp
ISBN: 978-1-89491-770-4
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