“If a detective story is a good detective story, then it’s good literature.”


(Aleksandra Marinina)


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The Paul Shenstone Mysteries

Detective Sergeant Paul Shenstone of the Toronto police gets his first case as lead investigator in 1926. His professional assets include a year of university, combat experience during the Great War, and a bachelor’s freedom to focus on a problem without family distractions. His liabilities? A thirst for whisky despite Prohibition and a tendency to go it alone rather than fit into an organizational pigeon-hole.
  • Quarrel with the Foe

    Quarrel with the Foe

    The first Shenstone mystery. Industrialist Digby Watt is gunned down on the street outside his office. Paul must find out what got him killed — his Temperance speeches, a possible remarriage, or his activities during the war?   “…the book is a winner.” (Joan Barfoot, London Free Press)

    ISBN: 978-1-89491-728-5
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  • Fire on the Runway

    Fire on the Runway

    A mysterious woman appears and disappears in 1920s Toronto, violence erupting wherever she goes. Discovering why takes Paul Shenstone beyond his police detective function into a world of international intrigue.   “Excellent police thriller set in 1926 Canada… abundant espionage and historical detailing.” (Teresa L. Jacobsen, Library Journal)

    ISBN: 978-1-45970-335-3
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  • Winner’s Loss

    Winner’s Loss

    In the fertile artistic milieu of 1927 Toronto, a painter is dead. Detective Sergeant Shenstone won’t rest until he knows why. “The third Paul Shenstone mystery and the best to date.” (Don Graves)

    ISBN: 978-1-77180-219-2
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  • Passion and Murder in the New Age of Industry

    Toronto in 1856 is industrializing with little time for scruple or sentiment. This missing-person story thrusts a young banker into the rôle of amateur detective, forcing him to struggle with both the demands of his job and the shortcomings of the fledgling city police. We are whirled through a richly realized Victorian landscape from Niagara Falls to Montreal, and north to Sault Ste. Marie — wherever the clues lead.
    Death in the Age of Steam

    Death in the Age of Steam

    Isaac never managed to forget Theresa, despite her marriage to another man. Now her father’s dead, Theresa has disappeared — and only Isaac is asking questions.   “…a novel that is very hard to put down.” (Robin Carson, Edmonton Journal)

    ISBN: 978-1-45971-631-5
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  • Torn from the Headlines

    Drug wars and courtroom drama in the Golden Horseshoe. The rights of the criminally accused versus the needs of the victims. A twenty-first century thriller.
    Victim Impact

    Victim Impact

    When criminologist Ted Boudreau’s academic interest in biker gangs brings tragedy into his home, a penal progressive must confront his inner vigilante. There will be other victims. Can all receive justice?   “It’s a haunting novel… a must read.” (Don Graves, Hamilton Spectator)

    ISBN: 978-1-89491-770-4
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At Enoch Turner Schoolhouse

At the Enoch Turner