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Mel Bradshaw has never felt confined by genre in his crime novels. Each of his books focuses on violent death and its attendant problems. But — without letting up on the suspense — Bradshaw incorporates romance, character development, thoughtful themes, and period detail as well. In short, everything you’d look for in a good read.

What’s New?

Winner’s Loss now has its own page. It joins Quarrel with the Foe and Fire on the Runway in Mel Bradshaw’s Roaring Twenties series of crime novels featuring police detective Paul Shenstone. In its assessment of Winner’s Loss, Kirkus Reviews says, “Crime novelist Bradshaw’s plotting is meticulous, and his prose, delivered in Paul’s voice, is comfortably articulate. Paul is a gifted observer of people and places as well as the bigotries of the times.” Find out more about any of Mel’s novels by going to the books page or clicking on one of the covers below.

Mel Bradshaw is a member of the Crime Writers of Canada, a professional organization currently celebrating its 35th anniversary. To mark the occasion, teams of CWC members are showcasing their most recent work at a number of Ontario libraries. Mel is participating in four of these visits, starting in Whitby on Thursday, November 23 at 7 p.m. The central Whitby Public Library is at 405 Dundas Street West (just west of Brock Street). Phone (905) 668-6531 to register for a stimulating evening of readings, discussion, sales, and signings with a panel of outstanding Canadian crime writers.

See Mel’s Google+ page for the latest Crime Novel news between website updates. There you’ll find a link to the complete Kirkus Review of Winner’s Loss. Also some photos from the new novel’s launch on September 15 at Toronto’s historic Arts and Letters Club. If you’d like to contact the author, send an email to

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A French Lebel revolver plays a part in Winner’s Loss

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