Mel Bradshaw has never felt confined by genre in his crime novels. Each of his books focuses on violent death and its attendant problems. But — without letting up on the suspense — Bradshaw incorporates romance, character development, thoughtful themes, and period detail as well. In short, everything you’d look for in a good read.

What’s New?

Winner’s Loss Coming in September!

In the fertile artistic milieu of 1927 Toronto, a painter is dead. Detective Sergeant Paul Shenstone won’t rest until he finds out why.

Winner’s Loss will join Quarrel with the Foe and Fire on the Runway in Mel Bradshaw’s Roaring Twenties series of crime novels. Meanwhile, you can find out more about Mel’s published novels by going to the books page or clicking on one of the covers below.

See Mel’s Google+ page for the latest Crime Novel news between website updates. If you’d like to receive an invitation to the Toronto launch of Winner’s Loss in mid-September (or to contact the author for any reason) send an email to

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